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“What a great list of press and journalists, and your printer is half the cost of our usual printer.”
Sharon Fairweather,
Bury St Edmunds’ Tourist Office

Preventative maintenance is
always worthwhile (Photography by Abucon)
“. . . very professional . . .”
Grant Thornton
Image: Admiralty Arch
Abucon's press campaign generated
£60 million worth of enquiries for Holloway White Allom following their refurbishment of London's Admiralty Arch
Introducing the Dynamic Dozen - a Quick but Essential Checklist
for News Releases

  1. Only issue a news release if you have something ‘newsworthy’ to say.

  2. Get your key message across in the headline and first two lines of text.

  3. Use the 5 Ws and 1 H rule – answer who, what, when, why, where and how in the first paragraph.

  4. Make it interesting, different, BUT keep it factual.

  5. Don’t exaggerate – no hype – it is NOT an advertisement.

  6. Use a human interest angle on which to hang the story, if relevant.

  7. Keep it short and simple (no jargon), correctly spelt and proof-read.

  8. Only send a release to publications for whom it is relevant. (Thousands of releases are left unread every day because they are mass emailed to the wrong or irrelevant publications and media.)

  9. Check all contact details for editors and journalists are up to date – they do move jobs – and spell their names correctly.

  10. Include your contact details so the journalists can obtain further information, and be available to answer any queries.

  11. Offer clear, eye-catching photos as JPEGS (not too large).

  12. Send by email, and only back up by post if requested.