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Eight Profit-Driven Factors to Consider when Outsourcing
and Marketing Services and several Aspects you should Approach with Caution

Outsourcing involves transferring the management and/or day to day execution of a business function to an external service provider. By outsourcing your PR or marketing functions, you will gain a wide range of advantages but there are also one or two potential downsides about which you should be aware.

Making Plans

Image: Food processing equipment
Food processing equipment
- Abucon understands how to create newsworthy stories and exposure for technical markets (Photography by Abucon)
“It’s fantastic to see a PR and marketing agency who knows its stuff when it comes to branding.” Danielle Matthews, Creative Director, Studio This&That
Image: Fine finishes in heritage property
Fine finishes in heritage property
- Positioning clients as true experts leads to greater opportunities and enquiries (Abucon for photography)

The decision whether to outsource or not should be planned and taken at a strategic level, usually requiring Board approval. Ideally, it should not be a snap decision in response to an emergency situation, although if this does happen, it will not necessarily mean a poor outcome.

Before you outsource, look at your existing in-house resources. What knowledge, skills and expertise do you already have? What time resource is available? Then review the resources that will be needed to implement your marketing and PR campaigns. Wherever there is a mismatch or shortfall, you could either outsource or recruit employees. You then need to build a business case to justify either recruitment or sub-contracting.


Cost savings are often initially seen as one of the principal reasons for considering outsourcing. Why employ a number of highly skilled marketing individuals full time if your marketing activities either won’t keep them fully stretched or if you have peaks and troughs in your requirements?

Many companies realise that it will not be cost effective to train employees in the whole range
of marketing and PR skills, only to have them subsequently under-employed part of the time
(or worse still, leave taking that knowledge with them).

The engagement of external resources on a flexible sub-contract or part-time basis will enable you to smooth out seasonal or other variations while having someone on call as needed without all the overheads associated with employees.

This is just the introduction to why you should consider outsourcing Marketing and PR services. Claim your comprehensive free guide to understanding the pros and cons of outsourcing now:

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