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How to Choose the Right People to Help You Achieve Your Marketing Objectives

What makes you choose one supplier over another?

Chances are it is not just price or service benefits, but the people that you will be dealing with. In particular, if all things are equal, you are likely to select suppliers where you feel you have the most empathy with their people.

  Image - Customer Care

Skilled photo direction coupled with mirrors create
an illusion of space in lift car (Photography by Abucon)

“. . . very much appreciate the help you gave, and the sensitive manner in which you gave it.”  Lady Tate, Tate Appointments (recruitment)
Image: Excavation for basement extension

Excavation for basement extension
- There's always an interesting story to promote when you ask the right questions (Photography by Abucon)

It is a truism that people buy from people they like. And this is even more crucial when the supplier is handling something as sensitive and fundamental to corporate success as marketing or communicating on your behalf, whether as part of your marketing strategy, your press relations or other aspects of your PR programme.






This is just the introduction to choosing the right people. Claim your free guide to understanding supplier choice now, including why you should choose people you like, why you should beware of the instant decision made at a first meeting and why you like one person more than another:

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