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Feedback from delegates on a MENTA workshop on Publicity on a Shoestring:

"Very good, well presented.
Liza is brilliant."

"All of it was extremely helpful and
well presented - very informative."

"I found the overall details and the interactive styles most useful
and enjoyable."


Feedback from City of London and other marketing


“Liza delivered a great workshop with many good tips and

sound advice."

"An excellent, down to earth presentation with original interactive activities and many ideas that I can apply to our marketing right away."

"Seminar content was practical, well presented and easy to understand - and it was fun!"

"Liza is very passionate and will be of huge benefit to any business looking to improve profit or improve their marketing skills and spend money correctly on marketing budgets."


Feedback from delegates on a Bury St Edmunds Chamber of Commerce presentation on branding:

“You do a great and
professional job.”

“I found the clear, concise explanation of terms and highlighting the obvious

(which is not often thought

through) most helpful.”

“The reason I came was simply because it was you giving the presentation and I think you are great! My fave part of the presentation was your examples of good and bad branding. Keep up the good work.”




Business success depends largely on effective management and a well motivated team who have the right attitude when it comes to marketing.  We have all heard of working smarter, not harder, but implementing this concept is not always as easy as it might seem.

Self knowledge and discipline are key starting points.  Then come skills on how best to manage other people, to encourage a trusting and dynamic work climate and foster a corporate culture that is in line with your goals and objectives.

But traditional management is usually based on rules, fixed job specifications and frequently the additional burden of targets.



Often the most effective way of achieving your corporate goals is to promote an environment where individuals are encouraged to take risks and make suggestions, break or at the least bend the rules, and if any mistakes are made on the way, these are reviewed and where appropriate nurtured.  Sometimes great progress comes out of accidental discoveries or people doing something outside the remit of their normal role (think of Post-it Notes).

By joining one of Abucon’s workshops you will unleash your creative potential and discover how you can become a more effective manager through better communication with your team.



Then look no further.  Abucon has developed a wide range of half-day and one day interactive management and marketing workshops as well as one-to-one coaching.



Designed to meet the needs of executives in all industries and service sectors whose responsibilities include management and marketing, these workshops are ideal as a refresher for those looking to acquire creative input and fresh views, as well as managers new to marketing who need to understand their role quickly and learn how to implement practical ideas that really work.



Topics can be bespoke for in-house events or pre-determined for commercial training courses.    Examples of interactive seminars include:

  • Seven Secrets of Low Cost Marketing
  • Stand back and manage! Building an effective team
  • Gaining Effective Press Coverage Without an Advertising Budget
  • How To Write Effective News Releases and Newsletters
  • Public Relations for Virgins - What Can You Achieve?
  • Delegation - give space, get results
  • Branding - Far More than just Image, Logo and House Style
  • Copywriting Features for Trade and Technical Press
  • Avoiding the dangers of recruiting mainly for experience and qualifications
  • Dynamic and Stress Free Industrial Presentations
  • Marketing for Non-Marketing Managers - Fundamentals of B2B Marketing
  • Achieving Success through PR and Publicity



We have a sister company, Anglia Leisure Learning Limited, which provides a wide

range of residential leisure, arts and crafts courses in East Anglia and the Midlands.  

Most courses run over a weekend, but some are one day. Topics range from patchwork and quilting, creative writing, public speaking, painting and drawing, to lace making,

beading, garden design, textiles and many more.
See www.anglialeisurelearning.co.uk <http://www.anglialeisurelearning.co.uk>


Call Liza Jones today (020 7834 1066) to discuss your needs and either join an existing workshop or explore the opportunities offered by bespoke seminars and one-to-one coaching for the transfer of management, marketing and corporate communications skills and expertise.